Become a Poshmark Ambassador in 30 Days

How To Become a Poshmark Ambassador in 30 Days

As a Poshmark Ambassador (PA), you are held to a higher standard as a seller within the Poshmark community. The program brings many perks to your Poshmark business such as an increased following, an insider newsletter and most importantly, buyer trust. 

In this post I will outline the criteria for becoming a Poshmark Ambassador and provide a super simple path to achieve this status in as little as 30 days!

The Criteria:

Community Shares: 5,000

Self-Shares: 5,000

New Poshers Shared: 50

Available Listings: 50

Sales: 15

Average Purchase Rating: > 4.5 Stars

Average Ship Time: 3 days

Love Notes Given: 1

Yes, at first glance these numbers seem daunting but if you have been participating within the community for some time, you will be delightfully surprised at how much you have already completed from this checklist. Now, I will break it down in manageable chunks to be completed each day, for 30 days. 

You will notice that I even have some higher goals (200 community shares per day for 30 days will equate to 6,000 shares), this is to give you a buffer in case you miss a day. It also never hurts to aim high, all activity is good activity when it comes to the Poshmark algorithm

Your 30 day Plan:

Community Shares: 200 per day

Self-Shares: 200 per day

New Poshers Shared: 5 per day

Available Listings: list 2 per day if you are starting from 0 (optional for those who already have 50+ listings)

We also cannot forget the tasks that require a little more elbow grease and long-term commitment.

Sales:Keep sharing items your closet multiple times per day to the feed and Poshmark parties to increase your chance of a sale. You will have 15 sales under your belt in no time!

Average Purchase Rating: Work hard to achieve a great experience for your buyers. A simple thank you card is all it takes.

Average Ship Time: Ship quickly and you will have no issue staying above the 3 day average. I ship same or next day and it never goes unnoticed by a buyer.

Love Notes Given: You only need to purchase one item, ever, to qualify. Go ahead and snag those leopard booties you’ve been eyeing. 


Download your FREE 30 days checklist at the bottom of this post!

You can track your status within “My Post Stats”.Mine looks like the below picture – I check back often to make sure I am not slipping up on my rating and ship time!

Let me know how this post has helped you to become a Poshmark Ambassador in 30 days and be sure to share a banner in your Poshmark closet once it’s official!

xx, Shari

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