Poshmark for Beginners: Packing & Shipping


In the last and final part of my 3-part Poshmark for Beginners series, we are going to cover packing and shipping. From your first sale to your hundredth, you’ll be a pro at packing and shipping in no time at all. 

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The Basics-

Poshmark produces a shipping label for you- that means the buyer always pays for shipping, with the exception of you, as the seller, offering discounted or free shipping.

Shipping is always a flat cost of $6.79 for any package up to 5 pounds and ships using the 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail service (as of December 2019).

For shipping items over 5 pounds, refer to my previous post “Poshmark Shipping- Explained!”

You can easily print the shipping label on your home printer and affix it to the package using tape. (I use a Dymo thermal label printer to quickly and easily print 4”x6” labels, but this is an investment that I do not recommend for beginners).


Now for the pretty stuff; Packaging well is not just important for the integrity of your products making it to their final destination safely and unharmed, but also serves as a first impression of you and your business. This is your opportunity to make your customer feel special, and in turn secure a 5-star rating and *hopefully* a return customer. 

You do not need to spend a ton of time and money to produce a beautiful package.  

Here is a photo of an actual item I have packaged and shipped to a buyer:

  1. Clear polybag $0.06/ea
  2. Tissue Paper $0.01/sheet
  3. Washi Tape $0.01/pc – buy on sale at michaels!
  4. Thank you card $0.03/ea
  5. Gold sticker $0.01/ea
  6. Polybag $0.07/ea
  7. Label $0.02/ea 

Total = 21 cents!! 



How and Where to Ship:

  1. Any USPS blue box
  2. Schedule a USPS pickup online
  3. Drop off at your local post office (you can also check with your local office supply store, many Office Depot and Staples locations offer quick and simple USPS mailing)

For more information on free USPS shipping supplies and recommended packaging, please refer to my previous post “Poshmark Shipping- Explained!”

Easy right? Show me your beautiful packages in the comments below!

xx, Shari

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      Shari says:

      Hi Jasmine, thank you for your comment- I am glad you found this post helpful! The brands I look for when thrifting are constantly changing but I would suggest looking at the recent solds on Poshmark (all womens and then filter by sold items under availability). I do this atleast monthly to keep an eye on what is selling.

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    Jackie says:

    Hi! Just reading your article and wondering what to do if I printed out the wrong weight shipping label (over 5lbs) and need to print another? Will I get charged for both out of my earnings?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. avatar
      Shari says:

      Hi Jackie! So sorry for the late reply- if you accidentally upgraded to an oversize label, you will pay for it out of your earnings and there is no way to undo it. However, you can continue to use this label for your smaller package, no need to request a new label.


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