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All About Poshmark Parties

First, you may be wondering “What is a Poshmark Party?”. Simply put, these are themed showrooms where you can share your items. Parties happen four times a day, each with a rotating theme. When you share your items directly to these parties, you gain a higher level of visibility and higher chance of selling your […]


5 Poshmark Do’s and Don’ts

If you have ever wondered how to make daily sales on Poshmark, you may have found yourself down a research rabbit hole. Popular terms such as “algorithm” are thrown around freely, and it’s hard to decipher which tips are actually worth following. That’s why I am going to list 5 simple Do’s and Don’ts to […]


Poshmark for Beginners: Packing & Shipping

In the last and final part of my 3-part Poshmark for Beginners series, we are going to cover packing and shipping. From your first sale to your hundredth, you’ll be a pro at packing and shipping in no time at all.  The Basics- Poshmark produces a shipping label for you- that means the buyer always […]

Run a Sale in Your Poshmark Closet

How to Run a Sale in Your Poshmark Closet

Running a sale in your Poshmark closet is unlike most e-commerce platforms.. and by that, I mean they aren’t really sales at all. So with the holidays in full swing, allow me to show you how to utilize the tools that Poshmark already provides in order to successfully run a Poshmark sale.  First, you need […]