How to Run a Sale in Your Poshmark Closet

Run a Sale in Your Poshmark Closet

Running a sale in your Poshmark closet is unlike most e-commerce platforms.. and by that, I mean they aren’t really sales at all. So with the holidays in full swing, allow me to show you how to utilize the tools that Poshmark already provides in order to successfully run a Poshmark sale. 

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First, you need to choose a strategy for your sale. Some popular sales options are: 

  • 50% Off Entire Closet
  • 3 Items for $25
  • 25% Off Bundles
  • Free Shipping on 2+ Items

Today, my example sale is for heavily discounted Offers to Likers. On a single day of my choosing, I will drop the prices of all items in my closet to my lowest possible offer. 

Want to learn more about the Offers to Likers tool? Check out my other post: My Poshmark Offers to Likers Strategy. 


Next, you will want to build hype. Create a banner in your closet and share it OFTEN. Make sure to give your potential buyers direction as to what to expect- when is the sale, what is the offer, and how can they participate. My sale is on 11/24, I will be sending discounted offers to my likers, and they can participate by liking the items they are interested in.


Finally, go live with your sale.  Be sure to set aside time so that you are active on Poshmark and available to answer buyer questions. For my sale, I will need to send offers on 600+ items and it’s important to hold myself accountable to sending out an offer on each and every item. Sales require a lot of elbow grease, but are well worth it once the sales start rolling in.

Get creative and let me know below in the comments what Poshmark sale strategy works for you!

xx, Shari

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Run a Sale in Your Poshmark Closet


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