5 Poshmark Do’s and Don’ts


If you have ever wondered how to make daily sales on Poshmark, you may have found yourself down a research rabbit hole. Popular terms such as “algorithm” are thrown around freely, and it’s hard to decipher which tips are actually worth following. That’s why I am going to list 5 simple Do’s and Don’ts to succeed on Poshmark.



DO: Stay active. Log in to Poshmark each day, share items from other sellers, follow other active users, and share your closet (all of it!).

DON’T: Set it and forget it. Unlike some other reselling platforms, Poshmark requires daily activity and sharing in order to keep your items at the top of the search.



DO: List items daily. How many items you should list daily is debatable, but a common number many sellers agree on is 3 new items daily. This can include relisting, more on that below!

DON’T: Expect to make daily sales with a small closet. The more items available, the higher the chance is of making a sale. You won’t experience daily sales over night, it takes time to build a strong closet and build momentum. Be patient!



DO: Relist often. After an item is 61 days old, you can use Poshmark’s copy feature to easily relist items with the same photos and description. Newly listed items show up under the “Just Listed” drop down, and the “First Look” section of any party you share it to.  To find the date that items were listed and determine if they are 61+ days old, you can use the Poshmark Inventory Report in your Seller Tools!

DON’T: Allow listings to go “stale”. Older items are proven to show up lower in buyer searches, and are less likely to sell.




DO: Focus on clean, crisp photos. In order for an item to sell, the buyer must feel as though they are getting an accurate depiction of the item. Strive for bright lighting, photos that show off the entire item, and photos from different angles, including the brand, size and content tags.

DON’T: Be sloppy with photos. No one wants to buy a dress that’s a wrinkled mess, photographed in a dark room, on a dirty floor. Or a dress that only has one blurry image that is far too zoomed in. You get the point.



DO: Be selfish. Always prioritize sharing your closet before you share others’, as self-shares boost your listings in the search. Community shares are nice, and count towards Poshmark Ambassador status, but are otherwise useless.

DON’T: Avoid sharing. If you only have 5 minutes in your day to devote to Poshmark, share your closet.



xx, Shari


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