Poshmark for Beginners: 5 Places to Source Inventory

poshmark for beginners source inventory

In part two of my Poshmark for Beginners series, we are going to talk about how and where to source new inventory for your Poshmark closet. Selling from your personal closet can only go so far, and to have a truly successful Poshmark business, you must continually add new inventory to your closet. In this post I will outline my top 5 favorite sources of new inventory.


Friends and Family.This is where it becomes incredibly helpful to tell people about your hobby. I’ve had family members who had bags of clothing in their cars that they had been meaning to donate, give them to me to sell instead. Free inventory is the best inventory!

Garage/Tag/Estate Sales. Yes, this requires human contact (eek!) but the prices are well worth it. I recently bought a Piazza Sempione blazer for $1 at an estate sale that originally retailed for $1,500.. need I say more? 

Thrift Stores. This is my personal favorite source, but mainly because shopping is my own personal form of therapy! I frequently visit the same stores in my area, as well as venture out to ones I have never been to. I can spend hours in one store and walk away with 30-50 quality items.



Discount Retailers.Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxx, Marshall’s. Always keep an eye out for incredible discounts and semi-annual sales- you can score big! But be careful, it’s incredibly easy to overspend in these types of stores.

Poshmark.& other resale platforms like Mercari, eBay and TheRealReal. If you know what to look for, and aren’t afraid of a bidding war, you can find some incredible finds from other sellers just like you and I. Plus, it’s wonderful to support one another.

Have a favorite place to source inventory or a favorite find? Tell me below!

xx, Shari

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poshmark for beginners 5 places to source inventory

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