Poshmark for Beginners: Getting Started

Poshmark for Beginners Getting Started

I have been selling on Poshmark now for over two years and it has consistently provided me with an extra source of income that I am forever grateful for. I truly believe this is a side hustle, or main hustle (!), that anyone can do, and it’s super fun!

Today I am going to kick off a three-part series specifically geared towards Poshmark for Beginners. So let’s go ahead and get startedwith everything you need to know to open up your Poshmark closet.

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First and foremost, go ahead and download the Poshmark app. Haven’t joined Poshmark yet? Join with my code SMTHNGPRETTYBTQ and get $5!

Once downloaded, you will be prompted to create a username – Pro tip: changing your username later is not easy, so choose a cute, catchy username from the get-go. This is also a good time to consider branding if you want to turn this into a real business in the future. My username is SmthngPrettyBtq, this aligns with my Instagram, Pinterest and Blog business name Something Pretty Boutique

You can also create an account on the website and manage your closet there, but in my honest opinion, the app is much more preferable.

When creating your account, you will also be prompted to add a photo; you can change this later but either a branded logo or a picture of yourself is most ideal to gain trust from potential buyers.

Next up, upload your first item to sell.

I highly suggest clicking through Poshmark before posting your first item for sale. Take a look at how other sellers are describing their items, what photos they are posting, and their pricing structure. Use the search feature to find the exact, or similar item, to what you are selling to make sure you are pricing it fairly and competitively. 

Assuming you are selling items from your own closet, make sure the item is clean, free of flaws and in gently used condition. Think about it- would you want to buy an item that was faded, full of pilling or shrunken in the dryer? Hopefully your answer is no.

Interested in learning how to source inventory for your Poshmark closet? Come back for part two of the beginner series next week!

When posting your first item in the app you will choose “Sell” on the bottom navigation bar. 

First you will be prompted to add your photos; you can either take your photo right there within the app, or import from your phone. Poshmark allows you to upload up to 8 images.

Then, you will then fill in the required fields; title, description, category, size, original price and listing price.

The following fields are optional; quantity, brand, color, and new with tags/boutique.

The more fields you fill in, the better chance a buyer has of finding your item. Fill in as many as possible!


Finally, explore the community. Poshmark is structured very much like a social media platform, you are expected to be active and participate within the community (and Poshmark will reward you for doing so, more on this later). Shop around, follow other closets, like and share items from other sellers and most importantly, share your items.

Stick around for part 2 of the Poshmark for Beginners series next week!

xx, Shari

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poshmark for beginners getting started

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