Poshmark Tip: Think Like the Customer


Even after reselling for a few years, I have to stop and remind myself to think like the customer. As a volume seller, it’s easy to move too quickly. Photographing, listing, packaging; it happens quickly and sometimes ends up being a little more rushed than we would like. 

Take this example, have you ever bought a pair of shoes on Poshmark and received them loosely thrown into a too large box, bouncing around and getting scuffed? Because I have.. MORE THAN ONCE. It’s frustrating and discouraging as a buyer, and it definitely won’t result in a return customer. 

Together, let’s make a real effort to slow down and think like the customer. 

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Firstly, the initial action a buyer takes when they receive an item that they purchased, is review it very closely for flaws. Don’t let them find something that you missed. Always thoroughly inspect the item that you are selling.If it is an article of clothing, turn it inside out and check for loose threads, holes and deodorant/make up stains. A piece of jewelry, inspect it closely for chips or missing parts. Glass and fine china, check closely for repairs. The list goes on, and is really self-explanatory.


Furthermore, don’t be afraid to list an item that is flawed. It is always better to list an item and thoroughly describe any imperfections, than to have an unhappy customer and a potential return. Many people are willing to buy an item with a flaw if it means keeping it out of a landfill and sparing two minutes with a needle and thread. Honesty goes a long way in reselling. 

And lastly, package your item in a manner that you would like to receive it. Fold clothing neatly, wrap fragile items with care, and use a polybag or box that is an appropriate size for the item you have sold. It’s not necessary to package each sale to look like a gift (tissue paper, thank you notes, expensive pretty packaging), but a poorly packaged item will not go un-noticed by the buyer.

Happy selling!

xx, Shari

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