Poshmark Shipping – Explained!

You made your first sale on Poshmark, and you’re thinking “now what?”. Well let me tell you- Poshmark makes shipping incredibly easy and you have absolutely nothing to worry about!


As of this blog post, shipping with Poshmark is a flat fee for buyers of $6.79 for items under 5 pounds (keep reading for what to do for packages over 5 lbs!). For reference, most garments weigh under one pound, so you really do not even need to think twice unless you sell a large bundle or a heavy pair of boots. 

*As of 2022, the flat fee for buyers is $7.67.


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Packaging is also fool proof. 

The USPS offers a large array of free shipping supplies online and inside of the Post Office. You can use any priority mail envelope or box, including flat rate and regional packaging. The only exception is express packaging- be sure to not make this mistake. 

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish, there are endless options online. I’m currently loving these Recycled Polymailers by UPAKNSHIP .


But of course, any old plain package will do, including those once used Amazon Prime boxes we all seem to have lying around. 

Last step, mailing.

Packages can be dropped off at any post office or USPS blue box. You can even schedule a free pickup online! It is not available in all locations and in my experience, some mail carriers won’t pickup from apartment complexes. BUT- If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to schedule a pickup, it is unbelievably convenient. 

In the rare case that your package is over 5 pounds, upgrading your label is simple, but it will cost you as the seller, not the buyer. Upgrading your shipping label is done in 3 easy steps from your “My Sales” page (the same place where you mark your sale as shipped).

So be sure to ship ASAP for that 5-star rating! Still have questions? Feel free to comment below.

xx, Shari

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    Tracy says:

    I’m fairly new to Poshmark and am loving it. Hubs and I are confused why Flat Rate boxes from post office would work if I use a preprinted label sent to me because the rate for flat rate is more. Our PO driver even told us it wouldn’t. So far I’ve been able to use boxes from around our home.


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