Ultimate Guide To: Reseller Terminology

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you are sure to come across an array of abbreviations and terminology while online shopping. NWT, OBO, ISO; there are so many to learn, that sometimes they may seem overwhelming and confusing. 


When describing your item, it is in your best interest as a seller to describe the condition. This protects you, while helping the buyer to feel more confident in their purchase. The 3 following terms are the most commonly used to describe an items condition.

EUC- excellent used condition. Used to describe an item that has been very gently worn and may even appear to be brand new and unused. As a seller, I aim to sell items that are in excellent used condition!

VGUC- very good used condition. Used to describe an item that has been gently worn, but may show signs of pre-pilling, stretching or fading. The item should have minimal to no flaws.

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GUC- good used condition. Used to describe an item that has been pre-loved, like a favorite shirt that has been worn and washed innumerable times. This item may have flaws or defects, but it still functional. Any flaws should be very clearly described and pictured.

The last and lowest condition, which does not have an abbreviation, is poor condition. This item is well worn and has major flaws or signs of wear, like holes and tears. This item may be considered “scrap” or “for parts”. 

Because there are plenty of terms to know, I have compiled a quick glossary of all the abbreviations used by resellers. You’re going to want to keep this one in your back pocket.

Ultimate Guide To: Reseller Terminology, Something Pretty Useful

Did I miss some terminology that you see or use often? Let me know!

xx, Shari

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